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WW1 Books by Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

The Authors and Talks

Andrew Hamilton (top picture, on right): retired in 1989 from teaching History at schools in Hereford and Worcester.

He was responsible for the restoration of a watermill to full working order in Warwickshire and managed it as a popular tourist attraction. He started Dene House Publishing in 2009 with the publication of the well-received Meet at Dawn, Unarmed, a commentary on his grandfather Robert Hamilton’s diary of his experiences with the Royal Warwicks in 1914 and his part in the Christmas Truce at St. Yvon in Belgium. There was much TV, Radio and newspaper interest for the centenary in 2014 and the diary was used for the Royal Shakespeare’s production of ‘The Christmas Truce’.  

Alan Reed (top picture on left): retired from full-time teaching in Cheshire in 1996 to concentrate on guiding school and adult groups on the Western Front.

He gives numerous talks on various aspects of the Great War. His interest was inspired by his father who worked for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in northern France. A fluent French speaker, his vast knowledge of the battlefield sites of France and Belgium has been invaluable in the research and planning for the four publications. He has been a consultant for and appeared in several BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ programmes.


The authors are experienced speakers and give talks based on 'Meet at Dawn, Unarmed' and 'Stolen Lives' on a regular basis.

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The majority of photographs in Stolen Lives were taken by Warwickshire based photographer James Kerr

About the Authors, Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

 Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

Photographs from the top, left to right :
• Andrew Hamilton (left) at the unveiling of the ‘Football’ Memorial at Plugstreet Wood in Belgium, December 2014
•  Alan Reed with Rifleman William McFadzean’s VC medal