We Good...We No Shoot

The Christmas Truce Meeting between the Warwicks and Saxons

We Good...We No Shoot

The Christmas Truce at Plugstreet Wood in 1914

By Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

To commemorate the centenary of the iconic Christmas Truce of 1914, Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed have extended their work on the 1/ Royal Warwicks’ armistice at St. Yves in Belgium to include another 8 battalions in an in-depth investigation of Christmas in the wider Plugstreet Wood.

In We Good… We No Shoot:

• The authors have collected a wealth of contemporary evidence to create a fascinating and vivid picture of what happened over the festive season in 1914

• They investigate why soldiers were so keen to fraternise ‘without permission’, who allowed them to do so, and how the authorities reacted to such unwarlike behaviour

• Soldiers of all ranks recall, in their own words, the events of the few days when the War stopped and British and German soldiers laid down their arms and met in No Man’s Land

• They assess whether or not an ‘international’ football match took place as well as detailing the meetings and exchanges in No Man’s Land, the strange happenings and coincidences that occurred, and the collection and burial of bodies

• The high standards of design and presentation displayed in Meet at Dawn, Unarmed and Stolen Lives have been maintained. Maps are clearly presented and a well-judged selection of original and recent photographs illustrate what life was like at Plugstreet Wood.

• A number of Bruce Bairnsfather’s cartoons add humour to one of the few happy and positive moments of the Great War.

Authors:               Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed
Published by:       Dene House Publishing
Email:                   denehouse@btconnect.com
Phone:                  01789842903/ 07743696166
Publication date:  21 November 2014
ISBN:                    978-0-9561820-3-6

Pages:                   125
Photographs:        79 (colour 31, black and white 48)
Cartoons:              9
Maps:                    6
Price:                    £11.75 sterling inclusive of p&p for UK postage only

 We Good...We No Shoot by Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed