Meet at Dawn, Unarmed - The Christmas Truce Meeting between the Warwicks and Saxons

The Christmas Truce Meeting between the Warwicks and Saxons

The Christmas Truce at Plugstreet Wood in 1914

By Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

Due out November 20th 2014.
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We Good… We No Shoot is a detailed account of how British and German soldiers spent Christmas at Plugstreet Wood in 1914. Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed cover:

• The build-up to the Christmas Truce during December 1914
• The events of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
• The exchanges in No Man’s Land, football, strange happenings and coincidences, and the collection and burial of bodies
• The reactions, in their own words, of those who took part in an iconic event

STOLEN LIVES - Individual Tragedies of the Great War

By Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

STOLEN LIVES is a collection of biographies of soldiers (and a nurse) who were sacrificed for King and Country during the Great War. They are from a wide cross section of society. Many had achieved much, others had unfulfilled hopes and aspirations. Their personal stories offer an insight into:

• The duty-inspired patriotism of August 1914
• The horrors of life in the trenches
• The humour and comradeship in adversity
• The effects of death on comrades and loved ones

Readers follow an unusual guided tour of the cemeteries and memorials of Northern France and Belgium to discover where those featured are buried or commemorated.

MEET AT DAWN, UNARMED - An eye witness account of Trench Warfare and the Christmas Truce in 1914

By Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed

On August 5th 1914, Robert Hamilton left his young family behind in Devon to start a momentous six month journey through France and Belgium with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Captain Robert Hamilton's original diary has been reproduced, word for word, along with an informative commentary by Robert’s grandson, Andrew Hamilton and Great War enthusiast Alan Reed.

The authors have integrated into the text a wide
range of contemporary evidence, including the cartoons of Robert’s famous friend Bruce Bairnsfather, and a variety of original photographs. They have also recreated important episodes in his life, including a fascinating reconstruction of the Christmas Truce between the Warwicks and the Saxons in No Man’s Land.

We Good...We No Shoot by Andrew Hamilton and Alan ReedStolen Lives